Your one-stop-shop for putting yourself first.

If your ideal weekend plans are putting on the perfect playlist, lighting your favorite candle, and trying out a new coffee recipe to enjoy while laying in bed binging your favorite reality TV show you're in the right place. 

Katie Creative Co. is a self-care collective that inspires, encourages, and equips its community to live fuller, more creative, and happier lives through lifestyle products and more.


I believe that taking great care of yourself isn’t a chore, it isn’t a luxury, it’s a fun and romanticized part of our daily and weekly routines!


Katie Creative Co. helps make the little moments in life even sweeter, with products to make you feel alive, creative, encouraged, and free. 

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Iced Latte Lover and Playlist Maker

Hi, I'm Katie -the owner and operator of Katie Creative Co! With an always-active Spotify and a camera roll full of photos of my morning coffee, you can rest assured that I take self care seriously.

As an avid me-timer myself, I look forward to the relaxing parts of my day-- whether that is my morning coffee or my evening journal sesh. Nothing gets me quite as excited as a matching sweat set and you can rarely find my room without a candle burning.